Ep 0: Intro to the Rewild Gear Podcast

Ep 0: Intro to the Rewild Gear Podcast
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Welcome to the Rewild Gear Podcast! Modern life, society, and responsibilities have domesticated us. But now it's time to rediscover YOUR adventurous side! 

The Rewild Gear Podcast is a weekly show capturing the stories and passions of outdoor enthusiasts about camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, backpacking, bush-crafting, conservation, and much more.

I’m your host, Seth Spears, and every Wednesday I’ll be interviewing a seasoned expert about their most memorable wilderness adventures, favorite gear, professional recommendations, and why spending time in nature is so important for the health of individuals, society, and the planet.

Rewild Gear was founded by 4 brothers with a passion for the outdoors. We design and build high quality, minimalistic equipment to help people just like you spend more time in the wilderness reconnecting with nature, family, and friends. 

Protecting our public lands and endangered species through conservation, rejuvenating our depleted soil through regenerative agriculture, and cleaning up our waterways are common goals we feel everyone should share. 

We were made for adventure, and this show will inspire you to get outdoors and reconnect with the wild side burning in all of us!

Come check out the show at RewildGearPodcast.com  
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