Rewild Gear was founded by four brothers with a passion for the wilderness. We build essential gear for the outdoors, designed to fuel your next adventure.

Rewild: verb

“To reverse the process of domestication. To return to a more wild or natural state.”

Deep down, humans are wired to be in the wild. To have adventure. To take risks.

There’s a growing number of modern-day men who are quietly suffering…

Who ignore this calling…

Who feel like something is missing.

rewildgear four brothers

That Is Why We Created Rewild Gear

Out of the growing need for today’s man to reconnect to the wilderness…

To inspire you to get back into nature.

With products built for adventure… products that take you into the wildest of places.  

Are you ready?

Here Are Three Things We Strongly Believe To Be True:

#1: Quality Over Quantity 

(Buy Once, Cry Once)

#2: Conservation Matters

Protecting our public lands and endangered species through conservation, rejuvenating our depleted soil through regenerative agriculture, and cleaning up our waterways are common goals we feel everyone should share. 

It’s not us VS nature, it’s us with nature.

That’s why we partner with organizations such as 2% for Conservation and others, to help protect our wild spaces.

#3: We Are Better Humans When We Spend More Time In Nature

We become better people getting back into nature (better parents, entrepreneurs, we also become healthier, reclaiming that fire in the belly and disconnecting from modern life and society).

Modern life, society, and responsibilities have domesticated us. But now it’s time to rediscover YOUR adventurous side. Mother nature is calling, and it’s time to answer her call!

You might be asking what does it mean to “rewild” and why should we want to? It’s our belief that inside all of us is a burning desire to reconnect with nature and the great outdoors; to test ourselves without the modern conveniences we’ve come to rely on. To see if we have what it takes to survive in the wild the way our ancestors did. 

It is our goal to help men reconnect with nature by going into the great outdoors so they can rediscover their inner wild nature, which will help reduce stress, forge better friendships, and become better husbands, fathers, sons, business owners, and employees. 

To help men understand our relationship with the natural world through education, information, and conservation. Understanding and appreciating what we currently have, and what we used to have and can hopefully bring back is the key to restoring balance and environmental change through regenerative agriculture, improved hunting practices, and the reintroduction of plants and animals to locations where they were formerly abundant but no longer are. 

Whether that’s camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, or just spending time in the great outdoors, this is the right gear for you.

Meet the Four Brothers of Rewild Gear

seth spares head shot

Seth Spears

As the eldest of the brothers, Seth is known as the “instigator,” and with Rewild Gear, it is no different. With a strong background in digital marketing and brand building and a deep love for the outdoors and world travel, Seth believes in using and creating the highest quality gear so you can go further, lighter, stay out longer, and ultimately enjoy nature more. “Quality over quantity” is Seth’s motto, and that influences everything we do at Rewild Gear.

Josh Spares

Josh Spears

Adventure is synonymous with Josh. Always looking for the next wild vista or river to explore, he has an innate ability to step into the unknown and live outside the confines of modern society. For Josh, rewilding is a daily practice and habit that has shaped him. Many days a year, you will find him enjoying the wide-open spaces of the west with his family.

Adam Spares

Adam Spears

Born with a fascination for fire and an affinity for sharp objects, it makes sense that Adam is a Firefighter and an amateur knife collector. Having a lifelong love for the outdoors, gear, and discovering new places, Adam is the epitome of an adventure seeker. Through exploring much of North America and many countries in Europe, Adam has learned the importance of designing a life that gets you back in nature.

David Spares

David Spears

From his earliest age, David’s best memories revolve around being outdoors. When he was seven years old, he went tent camping with his family. He’s been hooked ever since. As an adult, David aims to spend more time outside each year, whether hunting, camping, hiking, canoeing, or just building shelters in the backyard with his kids. David is at home in nature and hopes to pass along to others the importance of rewilding.