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Welcome to Rewild Gear!

The Adventure Made Podcast

Ep 46: Megan Taylor on Belay Expeditions & Ecopsychology
Ep 45: Paul Lewis on Starting FHF Gear & Joining Meat Eater
Ep 44: Jess Caldwell on Following a Natural Path from Birth to Death
Ep 43: Adam Gall on Timber to Table & Guiding Hunts
Ep 42: Stu Shank on Starting a Family Knife Business
Ep 41: Reuben Bolieu on Travel, Blades, & Minimalistic Gear
Ep 40: SHOT Show 2022 Recap
Ep 39: Jordan Jonas on Wilderness Adventure & Winning Alone
Ep 38: Patrick Schaefer on the Outdoors & Hunting
Ep 37: 2021 Recap, Updates, & Guest Recommendations
Ep 36: Wes Siler on Politics, Conservation, & Being Prepared
Ep 35: Daniel Vitalis on Connecting with Nature through Food
Ep 34: Derek Wilson on Liberation, Lifestyle, and Legacy
Ep 33: Jason Holliday on Midwest vs. West Coast Hunting
Ep 32: Cary Jack on the Happy Hustle & Finding Balance
Ep 31: Adam & David on Family Camping & Getting Kids Outdoors
Ep 30: Solocast with Seth Spears on the Origins of Rewild Gear
Ep 29: Joel Runyon on Pushing Yourself to do the Impossible
Ep 28: Tim Corcoran on Vision Quests and Finding Your Purpose
Ep 27: Arthur Haines on Rewilding Ourselves
Ep 26: Jordan Reasoner on Life & the Outdoors
Ep 25: Montana Backpacking Trip Recap
Ep 24: Marcus Ewing on Hunting & The Average Conservationist
Ep 23: Christian Fortson on Nature & Addiction Recovery
Ep 22: Dan Doty on Slowing Down & Connecting Outdoors
Ep 21: Brothers Catch-up & Product Updates
Ep 20: Mansal Denton on Sacred Hunting
Ep 19: Patrick Rollins on Knives, Bushcraft, & Survival Training
Ep 18: Duke Phillips on Sustainable Ranching & Livestock
Ep 17: Brad Brooks on Business, Hunting, & Conservation
Ep 16: John Roulac on Regenerative Agriculture
Ep 15: Jess Johnson on the Controversy of Conservation
Ep 14: Randy Newberg on Hunting & Conservation
Ep 13: Dan Cerrillo on Mental Toughness & How to Live a Good Life
Ep 12: Chris Whitcomb on How to Survive in any Environment
Ep 11: Brian "Tosh" Chontosh on Pushing Limits
Ep 10: Aaron Gough on Quality & Sustainability in Knife Making
Ep 9: Jake Larsen, Outdoorsman, Carpenter, Public Land Advocate
Ep 8: Jared Frasier & 2% For Conservation
Ep 7: Mark Cassman, The Tennessee Pirate
Ep 6: Jordan Reasoner on the Health Benefits of Nature
Ep 5: Knife Design with Jason Tietz
Ep 4: Interview with Rewild Gear Partner & Brother Josh Spears
Ep 3: Product Updates & Late Season Archery Hunting
Ep 2: Deer Camp 2020 Recap
Ep 1: Welcome to Rewild Gear! Deer Camp 2020
Ep 0: Intro to the Rewild Gear Podcast