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Rewild Gear was founded by 4 brothers with a passion for the outdoors. We design and build high quality, minimalistic outdoor equipment to get us back into the wild.


The Adventure Made Podcast

The Adventure Made Podcast is a weekly show capturing the stories and passions of outdoor enthusiasts around camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, backpacking, bush crafting, conservation, and much more.

Ep 43: Adam Gall on Timber to Table & Guiding Hunts

Ep 42: Stu Shank on Starting a Family Knife Business

Ep 41: Reuben Bolieu on Travel, Blades, & Minimalistic Gear

Ep 40: SHOT Show 2022 Recap

Protecting our public lands and endangered species through conservation, rejuvenating our depleted soil through regenerative agriculture, and cleaning up our waterways are common goals we feel everyone should share.

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