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Rewild Gear was founded by 4 brothers with a passion for the outdoors. We design and build high quality, minimalistic outdoor equipment to get us back into the wild.


The Adventure Made Podcast

The Adventure Made Podcast is a weekly show capturing the stories and passions of outdoor enthusiasts around camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, backpacking, bush crafting, conservation, and much more.

Ep 46: Megan Taylor on Belay Expeditions & Ecopsychology

Ep 45: Paul Lewis on Starting FHF Gear & Joining Meat Eater

Ep 44: Jess Caldwell on Following a Natural Path from Birth to Death

Ep 43: Adam Gall on Timber to Table & Guiding Hunts

Protecting our public lands and endangered species through conservation, rejuvenating our depleted soil through regenerative agriculture, and cleaning up our waterways are common goals we feel everyone should share.

This Grill is amazing, the design, the size, the weight and material are perfect! I love cooking outdoors on an open flame and this Titanium Grill allows you to do just that! I cant praise it enough!

- Mario

There are a lot of utensils out there and if your like me, you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect one. Look no further, The trailside utensil is top of the line. Compact, light, durable, fits in your pocket but extends plenty long enough to reach in the bottom of pots and freeze dried bags. Love this thing!

- John S

I was given the opportunity to try out the Gasper 4 knife. I have now used this blade extensively over the last couple of weeks and I can truly say it is an excellent all around blade. The knife comes very sharp and is well suited for your outdoor needs. I focus on bushcraft and camping activities with my blades. I put the Gasper 4 through a series of tests including carving, cutting, whittling, batoning. It performed well in all tasks I put it to. The 90 spine strikes a ferro rod very well. The blade is done in S35VN which is an excellent steel and is well suited for outdoor activities. This blade finds a permanent home in my chest pack. Designed, created and produced in the USA.

- John Waston

What I like about the Trailside Utensil is that Rewild Gear really engineered a cool and functional piece of equipment. Anybody can stamp a fork or spoon out of metal but the Trail Side Utensil is special. I really appreciate its ruggedness and the thought and design that went into its development. I love that it’s part of my mess kit.

- Jonathan

I love The Gasper 4. It is my favorite knife now. I Instantly noticed the fine workmanship and high quality steel the moment I picked it up. It is weighted just right too. I have a lot of knives, but I am in love with this one. It is easily the top of the list.

- Mark C

I always wear hats when leaving the house and this hat has been my go to hat. The mesh on the back is made very well and does not tear easily. The bill of the hat is easily moldable for your comfort. Great hat and would definitely get another one.

- Bart

It works fast. Started a fire using this and their pyro balls. Nice to have in a pinch outdoors.

- Ryan Gruters

I used these after a tropical storm came through to burn some downed tree limbs and fronds. I figured if it lights this stuff, it will work when I need it. They lit with one strike from the Ferro tool and burned long enough to start burning damp wood. Great stuff!

- Ryan Gruters

Thank you! Now I can light it whenever the mood strikes! This kit is the best invention since man discovered fire.

- Matt M

Made well. Looks good. Thanks! Happy to represent!

- Matt M

I really wanted the Bellows, but everything else made a lot of sense and it’s all very sturdy.

- Barton Scott

This is one of the more interesting and also effective pieces of gear that I’ve added to my travel kit in recent years. Very light weight, and very inventive.

- Barton Scott

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