Ep 11: Brian "Tosh" Chontosh on Pushing Limits

Ep 11: Brian "Tosh" Chontosh on Pushing Limits
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Brian “Tosh” Chontosh is a retired Major in the United States Marine Corps. During his 20 year military career he was awarded the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism, two Bronze Stars, the Meritorious Service Medal, multiple combat action ribbons, and he is a US Congressional Medal of Honor nominee. 

Upon retirement, he founded the Crooked Butterfly Ranch where he designs custom experiential learning opportunities for clients looking to test their minds, bodies, and spirits. Tosh also designs leadership workshops that challenge everyday paradigms that can limit potential. He is the president and executive director of the Big Fish Foundation, which helps support veterans through the transition to civilian life. 

Tosh is an endurance athlete, competing in some of the world’s most challenging ultra endurance events, including mountain biking the continental divide from Canada to Mexico in 27 days.


  • “When you focus on differences that is all you’ll see.”
  • “There is more collaboration in nature than there is competition.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How bootcamp created trauma and stress that taught resiliency & character strength
  • Why challenging authority can correlate to success
  • Why Tosh loves hunting and spending time in the wilderness
  • How archery can be a form of meditation and improve focus
  • Tosh's biggest pet peeves with the hunting industry
  • Why competition is good, but collaboration is better
  • How he continues to challenge himself through endurance races
  • Why Tosh is going to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2022
  • How the Crooked Butterfly Ranch creates exceptional leadership experiences
  • His most memorable adventure race experience where he almost died because of ego
  • Why mentality and skill set is more important than the best gear
  • Why you should always challenge your beliefs while staying humble

Resources Mentioned:

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