Ep 31: Adam & David on Family Camping & Getting Kids Outdoors

Ep 31: Adam & David on Family Camping & Getting Kids Outdoors
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Rewild Gear co-founders Adam and David host this week's episode of the Adventure Made Podcast. They discuss what it takes to camp with kids, necessary preparations, instilling a love of nature, respecting the outdoors, favorite tips for family camping, and a whole lot more.


"This may not be the most fun for you, but it's going to pay dividends down the road." 

Topics Discussed:

  • Camping with kids & preparations 
  • Getting kids outdoors
  • Activities and nature
  • When to introduce fire & knives 
  • Respect for firearms
  • Fall time & getting outside
  • Favorite knives
  • Teaching knife safety
  • Curiosity - the good & the bad
  • Favorite family excursions
  • Disconnecting & reconnecting
  • How many nights to camp with kids
  • Making memories in the outdoors
  • Kids, conservation & taking care of our planet 
  • Adam & David's Wild Tips for family camping 

Resources Mentioned:

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