Ep 36: Wes Siler on Politics, Conservation, & Being Prepared

Ep 36: Wes Siler on Politics, Conservation, & Being Prepared
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Wes Siler joins the show for a diverse conversation surrounding  several controversial topics, including population control, the reintroduction of wolves, his war on the NRA, why he hates Toyota Tacomas, and many more. 

Wes is a columnist for Outside Magazine and an adventure travel writer. He is an outdoor adventure subject matter expert on CNN, CBS, ABC, and Fox News. His articles and expertise have been featured in Wired, Newsweek, Popular Mechanics, Outdoor Life, GQ, Road & Track, and Playboy. He is the founder of the motorcycle website Hell for Leather and the outdoors site Indefinitely Wild. 

Wes lives in the mountains of southwest Montana with his wife Virginia and their three rescue dogs. His testicles are the subject of Glenn Beck's most recent book. 


"Less is more."

"Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel."

Topics Discussed:

  • How Montana has changed
  • Getting into travel writing
  • Risk, danger & the outdoors
  • Healthcare problems 
  • The North American Model for Conservation (hunting)
  • The biggest threat to conservation
  • Wolves and the reintroduction
  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)
  • Anatolian Shepherd
  • Hunting bears
  • Crossing the Mexican border
  • Lessons learned from the outdoors
  • Alaskan Caribou hunt
  • 6 lbs base pack weight
  • Favorite brands
  • Truck recommendations 

Resources Mentioned:

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