Ep 38: Patrick Schaefer on the Outdoors & Hunting

Ep 38: Patrick Schaefer on the Outdoors & Hunting
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Patrick Schaefer joins the show for a great conversation about how the outdoors and hunting has positively impacted his life, even helping him cope with losing a parent at a young age. Patrick dives into his favorite outdoor brands and podcasts, balancing the responsibilities of life while still doing the things he loves and appreciating nature's divine design.

Patrick  is a husband, stepfather, and fireman holding the rank of Battalion Chief, an avid outdoorsman, and a DIY public land hunter who spends regular time in the wilderness of Texas, Colorado, and Alaska.

"Try to leave everything better than you found it." 
Topics Discussed:
  • Getting started in the outdoors
  • God, nature & appreciation 
  • Losing a father at a young age
  • Becoming a Firefighter
  • Working through depression
  • The importance of mentors
  • Being the father, you didn't have
  • Land stewardship & being environmentally conscious 
  • Balancing work, family & hunting
  • Encouraging kids to love the outdoors
  • Hunting in Colorado & Alaska 
  • Favorite gear & brands
Resources Mentioned:
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