Ep 45: Paul Lewis on Starting FHF Gear & Joining Meat Eater

Ep 45: Paul Lewis on Starting FHF Gear & Joining Meat Eater
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Paul Lewis is the founder of FHF Gear, a high quality brand of hunting, fishing, and tactical outdoor gear. He is an avid fly fisherman, bow hunter, and retired law enforcement officer and SWAT Team Leader from Bozeman, MT. He has a bachelor of science degree in wildlife management from Montana State University. He started FHF Gear as a side gig by hand making gear for himself, teammates and hunting partners, which eventually turned into a full time business that was recently acquired by Meat Eater.


"Always be willing to look at both sides of an opinion"

Topics Discussed:

  • How Paul started FHF Gear
  • His creative process for gear design
  • How they test new gear
  • How the company has changed and grown over the years
  • What it was like getting acquired by Meat Eater
  • Where Paul gets his creative inspiration for new gear
  • How their popular bino harness differs from others in the market
  • Why conservation is so important
  • Paul's thoughts on predator reintroduction 
  • Why changing one's mind is a sign of intelligence 
  • His craziest adventure flipping a canoe
  • Essential gear when venturing into the wilderness

Resources Mentioned: 

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