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Gasper 4

A 2-in-1 indestructible all-American Survival/Hunting Knife

Engineered with Premium SV35N ‘Super Steel’

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Unlike most stainless survival and hunting knives, this 4-inch rust-proof blade retains a sharp edge even after a day in the wet wildlands.

That’s because SV35N is one of the highest-end blade steels, made specifically to do hard work.

This knife will keep going after chopping branches, slicing through bone, or cutting rope — day in, day out. 

Meaning that, decades from now, you could pass on this knife to your little ones with the warning “Careful, it’s still as sharp as your old man”

As a modern day backcountry knife, this blade combines the quality of a premium hunting knife, with the versatility of a survival knife.

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  • Hunter’s Drop Point Blade

    A fixed full-tang blade with an extended belly for easy skinning after your hunt

  • Spine Jimping for precision cuts

    Gives a firm grip on your blade, letting you use it for scalpel-like precision when carving your game

  • Ferro Rod Notch

    No lighter or matches? Strike this notch against a ferro rod to light your campfire the traditional way

  • EDC-ready Kydex sheath

    Comes with a Kydex sheath featuring MOLLE attachment holes for various mounting systems, making it easy to carry on a belt or pack. 

    It also has a graduated push-off thumb ramp for easy removal and secure attachment.

  • Slip-Proof TeroTuf handle

    This premium ergonomic handle retains a firm grip when wet. That way your wet hands won’t slip when fileting a fish, skinning your latest kill, and working in wet weather.

  • Versatile Survival Pommel

    Includes a lanyard hole for attaching paracord, a sharpened glass breaker, and a flattened 90-degree edge for cracking nuts.

"This knife is ideal for the wilderness!"

When you're looking for a knife, the two most important elements to consider are functionality and safety, and the Gasper 4 has both!

The S35vn steel is ideal for the wilderness because it's exceptionally resistant to corrosion, yet it will hold an edge longer than most types of steel, which is why it's my go-to knife for field dressing the game I harvest for my family!

Ben Greenfield 

"Great knife"

This is my new daily user, I love the size and keep it on my belt. It's definitely a five star knife. I highly recommend it!

Ron Lynch

"Excellent all around blade"

I can truly say it is an excellent all around blade. The knife comes very sharp and is well suited for your outdoor needs. I focus on bushcraft and camping activities with my blades. I put the Gasper 4 through a series of tests including carving, cutting, whittling, batoning. It performed well in all tasks I put it to. 

Designed, created and produced in the USA.

John Watson
Get Your 2-in-1 Frontier Knife

Made in America, for the American Wild

Hi, I’m Seth Spears from Rewild Gear, and I’m proud to unveil our Gasper 4 knife to you.

Just as every other legendary blade, this knife has its own story. 

And it’s one deeply rooted in the legends of the American frontier.

See, it has everything to do with the Gasper River in Kentucky.

This river, named after a legendary frontiersman, still flows with the rich, adventurous spirit of “Old America”. 

It’s this essence my brothers and I want to pass on to you through your Gasper 4 – a 4 inch blade created by 4 brothers on the Gasper river.

Because whenever we take time out of our busy schedules, we come back to this river to hunt, fish, and relax from the bustle of modern society.

Once it even nearly took our lives while kayaking!

It’s in those moments, we see ourselves somewhat as modern frontiersmen – trading civilization for a wilderness adventure.

One night, as we sat around a campfire, we were chatting about our  knives.

Each of us had our own hunting and survival blades, with features that we individually cherished.

We joked how incredible it would be to combine the best aspects of all our knives into the ultimate 'frontier' knife – one that encapsulates the spirit of the frontiersmen.

And with a blade to be versatile, corrosion-resistant and tough like a survival knife, while still being razor sharp and offering the precision of a hunting knife.

Shortly after, we set to work.

Drawing from our decades of outdoor survival experience, we took our ideas for the ideal outdoor knife to a small yet renowned family-owned knife maker in Michigan.

And so the Gasper 4 was born.

It’s a  knife that not only conquers the wilderness, but also reignites the spirit of the frontier within its bearer.

We were so thrilled with the result that we felt compelled to share this creation with others, allowing them to experience the essence of the frontier and embrace their inner frontiersman. 

Plus, it’s one of the rare knives out there we can proudly say is fully designed in, made in, and shipped out of – the USA.

Reclaim the WIld

Indestructible LIFETIME Guarantee

Here at Rewild Gear, we understand that a knife is more than just a tool – it's a lifelong companion. 
The Gasper 4 was crafted with this purpose in mind, embodying the bond between 4 brothers, each with wildly different lives but united by a shared love for the wilderness.
See, our commitment to this knife is not about turning a quick profit.
Rather, it's a passion project born from our desire to create a blade that would stand the test of time. 
One that would serve as a reliable partner through all of life's adventures, and that we shall eventually pass on to our children, who’ll pass it on to their children…
Since we have absolute confidence in our blades, we're proud to offer our Lifetime 'Invincible' Guarantee.
If for any reason your Gasper 4 knife ever gets damaged while doing normal, ‘outdoor knife stuff’, we’ll replace yours for free.
So experience the peace of mind that comes with a knife backed by a lifetime guarantee, and embark on your next adventure with the Gasper 4 by your side.

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Extremely Limited

As this is a passion project, we only make a select few of these knives each [period].
There’s only 500 per batch, and they’re selling out fast!
We’re not going to make any more any time soon or up production.
So click the button below to check if the Gasper 4 is still available.

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    Technical Info:

  • Gasper 4 Knife technical Information?

    • Weight: 4.75 oz
    • Blade Steel: CPM-S35VN
    • Overall Length: 8.85 in.
    • Overall Height: 1.29 in.
    • Handle Length: 4.78 in.
    • Blade Length: 4.07 in.
    • Blade Thickness: 0.125 in.
    • Blade Angle: 20 Degrees
    • Blade Style: Modified Drop Point
    • Blade Grind: Flat, Bevel Grind
    • Blade Hardness: 59 HRC
    • Blade Finish: Tumbled Stonewash
    • Handle Material: TeroTuf
    • Sheath Material: Kydex
    • Sheath/Belt Attachment: Kydex (Included)
  • FAQs

  • Why is the Gasper 4 more expensive than other knives on the market?

  • The Gasper 4 is crafted from premium S35VN 'Super Steel' and features a number of innovative design elements that set it apart from the competition. The price reflects the quality materials and workmanship that go into each knife, ensuring a durable, reliable, and versatile tool for all your outdoor needs.

  • Is the Gasper 4 suitable for beginners or just experienced outdoorsmen?

  • The Gasper 4 is designed for everyone, from beginners to seasoned adventurers. Its ergonomic design, versatile features, and high-quality materials make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to invest in a reliable and long-lasting knife.

  • Is the Gasper 4 strictly for outdoor use?

  • The Gasper 4 is versatile enough for everyday tasks and outdoor adventures alike. Its durable design and sharp edge make it suitable for cutting, carving, and more, whether you're at home or in the great outdoors. Plus, the glass breaker makes it an ideal knife to keep in your vehicle or be part of your EDC kit.

  • How does the Lifetime 'Invincible' Guarantee work?

  • Our Lifetime 'Invincible' Guarantee ensures that if your Gasper 4 knife ever falls short of your expectations*, we'll replace yours for free. Just call [number] or email [support email] and we’ll get your replacement shipped out ASAP. *Note that this only covers damages from normal, outdoor use.

  • Is the Gasper 4 knife easy to sharpen?

  • Yes, the Gasper 4 is easy to sharpen thanks to its S35VN 'Super Steel' construction. The blade is designed to retain its edge for extended periods, but when it does need sharpening, it can be done with ease using standard sharpening techniques.

  • Can I attach the Gasper 4 to my belt or backpack?

  • Absolutely! The Gasper 4 comes with a Kydex sheath that features MOLLE attachment  holes for your preferred mounting system, making it easy to secure your knife to your belt, backpack, or other gear.

  • Is the Gasper 4 handle comfortable to hold for extended periods?

  • Yes, the Gasper 4 features an ergonomic Terotuf handle that is not only comfortable to hold but also becomes tacky when wet, ensuring a secure grip even in challenging conditions.

  • Can the Gasper 4 handle heavy-duty tasks like chopping wood?

  • While the Gasper 4 is primarily designed for cutting, carving, and skinning tasks, its durable S35VN steel construction and robust design allow it to handle heavier tasks like chopping wood in a pinch.

  • Is the Gasper 4 knife rust and corrosion-resistant?

  • The Gasper 4 knife is made from high-quality S35VN steel, which is known for its excellent corrosion resistance. With proper care and maintenance, your Gasper 4 knife will stay in top condition for years to come.