Ep 5: Knife Design with Jason Tietz

Ep 5: Knife Design with Jason Tietz
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Jason Tietz is an industrial designer and outdoor bushcrafting enthusiast who specializes in functional, hard use knives. He's also the guy helping us go from concept to reality with our Rewild Gear Gasper 4 knife!

Topics discussed: 

  • How Jason got into industrial design
  • His knife design process
  • How the Gasper 4 knife differed from Jason's normal projects
  • How Jason't love of the outdoors started at a young age
  • Jason's everyday carry list (EDC)
  • Working with White River Knives to create Jason's Firecraft line of bushcraft knives
  • Favorite knife designs & style
  • Best materials for knife design
  • Why Jason would love to design shoes or boots
  • Outdoor companies Jason loves
  • What we can do to help improve the outdoor experience for everyone
  • Why fixing and repairing is better than buying 
  • Jason's favorite books and YouTube channels

Resources mentioned: 

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