Ep 6: Jordan Reasoner on the Health Benefits of Nature

Ep 6: Jordan Reasoner on the Health Benefits of Nature
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Today's guest is Jordan Reasoner, a well-known business consultant, marketer, hunter, outdoorsman, and wilderness guide living in Bozeman, Montana.

Jordan routinely spends over 100 days each year in the Montana and Wyoming wilderness, exploring everything the mountains have to offer. His deepest passion is hunting elk deep in the backcountry and sharing these experiences with others who feel the calling for adventure in the wildest places.

Quote: "Depression is when you relive the past and anxiety is when you worry about the future."

Topics Discussed:

  • Jordan's background in natural health
  • How disconnecting in nature is beneficial for sleep, health, emotions, and the nervous system
  • How focusing on single tasks can be a spiritual discipline 
  • Benefits and drawbacks of technology use in the wilderness
  • How Jordan's love of bow hunting connected him with family
  • How to kindle a love of the outdoors in our children
  • Eating healthy food in the back country
  • How Jordan started Humble Foods, his backpacking food company
  • Jordan's near death experience while hunting in Montana during an arctic blast
  • Essential gear to always carry in your pack
  • Jordan's upcoming backpacking retreat called Wilderness Event
  • Why protecting and using public land is so important for conservation
  • Outdoor companies Jordan loves

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