Ep 7: Mark Cassman, The Tennessee Pirate

Ep 7: Mark Cassman, The Tennessee Pirate
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Long time friend of the Rewild Gear brothers and company gadfly Mark Cassman, aka The Dirty Pirate Hooker, opens up about his love for the outdoors, his first successful hunting experience, favorite wilderness excursions, essential skills everyone should have, optimal gear needed to rewild yourself, and much more. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Mark's thoughts on his first hunting experience and how that affected him
  • The ethics of harvesting wild game for food
  • Growing a love of the outdoors from an early age
  • Mark's dream backcountry adventure trips
  • Our Wyoming wilderness adventure last year
  • Why we have a call to return to nature and test ourselves
  • Advice for reconnecting with nature and minimal gear needed
  • Favorite camping gear and why preparedness is so important

Resources Mentioned:

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