Ep 16: John Roulac on Regenerative Agriculture

Ep 16: John Roulac on Regenerative Agriculture
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John Roulac is a hemp innovator, serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, writer, and champion of regenerative agriculture.

As the founder of the organic brand Nutiva, he has sourced and formulated close to $1B in retail sales of organic superfoods in the past 20 years.  John is also an executive producer of the regenerative agriculture film Kiss the Ground, which is narrated by Woody Harrelson. He is an investor, supporter, and advisor to various companies and organizations in the “better for you and planet” sector.

Over his career, John has founded six non-profit organizations, including Great Plains Regeneration and GMOInside. His passionate hemp advocacy brought him to sue the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. This long legal battle culminated in a historic 2004 federal court victory to keep hemp foods legal. He is a pioneer of the modern home-composting movement and has authored four books on hemp and composting.

Topics Discussed:

  • John's start in business and the environmental movement
  • The difference between environmentalism and conservation
  • How learning from indigenous cultures can positively impact our environment 
  • The importance of being open to learning and losing our ego
  • How we're losing 1-2% of winged insects per year 
  • Are cows bad for the environment
  • How "Nox" (Nitric Oxide)  is the fastest growing greenhouse gas in the world today & 380 times more impactful than C02
  • The social and economic control by large organizations 
  • Are meat and saturated fat to blame for health issues 
  • John's experience as a Vegetarian 
  • How humans are trying to connect and find their tribe
  • Why 50% of the Plankton in the ocean and 98% of Pacific Sardines have been lost
  • Positive environmental changes to make on a micro level
  • How 500,000 people focused on regenerative agriculture in the next fives years will change the country
  • John's biggest lesson from nature and the outdoors


  • "The future of plant-based is animal-based"

Resources Mentioned:

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