Ep 17: Brad Brooks on Business, Hunting, & Conservation

Ep 17: Brad Brooks on Business, Hunting, & Conservation
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Brad Brooks is the owner and General Manager of Argali Outdoors, a backcountry hunting gear, and equipment company. Brad is an adventurer, conservationist, and family man hailing from Boise, ID. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • How Brad stumbled into starting an outdoor equipment company
  • His background in environmental economics and working in public lands conservation 
  • The first backpacking tent bought in high school
  • The inner draw to the outdoors 
  • How being in wild country helps to recenter life 
  • Brad's interest in business and entrepreneurship from an early age
  • The origination of Argali 
  • Early days of technical clothing 
  • Calculating risks
  • Storytelling about wild places through film 
  • The importance of timing in life and business
  • Family bonds in working together
  • The daily struggle of work-life balance
  • The importance of being a present father
  • Spending 75 nights in a tent per year
  • The biggest threats to conservation today 
  • The effects of westward expansion 
  • Brad's reflection on death while rock climbing
  • Getting lost while hunting at age 15
  • Product development and scratching an itch 


  • "The loss of the ability to get lost in wild country is a tragedy." 
  • "Figure out something that interests you in your life and figure out how to make that your job."

Resources Mentioned:

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