Ep 21: Brothers Catch-up & Product Updates

Ep 21: Brothers Catch-up & Product Updates
Download file | Play in new window | Recorded on | Speakers: Adam Spears, David Spears, Josh Spears, Seth Spears

In this episode of the Adventure Made Podcast, brothers Seth, Josh, Adam, and David, catch up and talk about Rewild Gear product updates and give a behind-the-scenes look at starting a gear company. This episode was the first one featuring the four founding brothers of the company. 


  • "If the desert wants you to die, you will." 
  • "Get your gear right and keep it tight!" 

Topics Discussed:

  • Product updates & testing
  • Feedback on the Gasper 4 knife
  • Learning, stretching & growing
  • Manufacturers frustrations
  • Firecrackers & catching things on fire
  • Josh's disdain for plastic
  • Adam's destiny as a Firefighter
  • Seth's experience with start-ups & overcoming hurdles
  • David's thoughts on branding, positioning & storytelling
  • The design process & bringing products to market
  • Everyday gear for the car
  • Quality companies & scaling
  • Wilderness lessons learned from living in the desert 
  • Conservation & controversy 
  • Future products 
  • Pocket dump

Resources Mentioned:

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