Ep 22: Dan Doty on Slowing Down & Connecting Outdoors

Ep 22: Dan Doty on Slowing Down & Connecting Outdoors
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Dan Doty is a somatic meditation teacher, men's coach, wilderness guide, husband, and father. He has taken thousands of men into the outer and inner wilderness, guiding them to vulnerably accept their humanity and connect to each other. He currently coaches CEOs, founders, and teams and runs programs and groups for fathers based on embodiment, leadership, and accessing one's inner wildness.


  • "Get outside and slow down"
  • "We learn who we are in the outdoors"

Topics Discussed:

  • Early days of adulthood & working
  • Moving to New York & a quarter-life crisis
  • Dan's involvement with Meateater
  • Getting started in film & media 
  • Learning how to tell stories & build brands
  • Feeling at home in nature
  • Breaking down barriers & being vulnerable 
  • The origins of Evryman
  • Passion, mission, & paying the bills
  • Developing awareness through the wilderness
  • Feeling safe & belonging 
  • Constant stimuli 
  • Fatherhood
  • Men's Group & trauma
  • Conservation & what's needed
  • Most memorable outdoor experience 
  • Essential gear

Resources Mentioned:

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