Ep 23: Christian Fortson on Nature & Addiction Recovery

Ep 23: Christian Fortson on Nature & Addiction Recovery
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Christian Fortson is a firefighter, EMT and wilderness guide in Montgomery County, Texas. He works with kids and adults to help them learn from nature and spend more time in the wilderness.


  • "The thing about being in nature is it's uncomfortable, and I've never heard of anybody growing in a comfortable state." 
  • "Get outdoors more and spend time with people." 

Topics Discussed:

  • Christian's introduction to the outdoors
  • Spending time in jail
  • Doing fulfilling work
  • Sobriety at 19
  • The danger of selfishness
  • Living in a car for three months
  • Leading at-risk teens into the wilderness
  • Being alone in the wild & facing your thoughts
  • 21 days & breaking habits
  • Societal changes & enjoying nature
  • Leaving no trace behind 
  • Essential equipment
  • Helping without expectation

Resources Mentioned:

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