Ep 28: Tim Corcoran on Vision Quests and Finding Your Purpose

Ep 28: Tim Corcoran on Vision Quests and Finding Your Purpose
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Tim Corcoran is the founder of Purpose Mountain, where he offers Nature-Based Purpose Guidance to support people with a love for wild nature who feel a deep yearning to discover their purpose. Tim also serves as co-Director of Twin Eagles Wilderness School, an organization he co-founded with his wife, Jeannine Tidwell, in Sandpoint, Idaho, in 2005, dedicated to facilitating deep nature connection mentoring, cultural restoration, and inner tracking.

A leader of vision quests, holistic rites of passage, and men's groups, Tim has been facilitating spiritual initiations in the wilderness since 1999. Healing the cultural rift between the mainstream and indigenous cultures, transformational consciousness work, the spiritual journey, ancestral work, deep nature connection, family, and health are all deep commitments in his life. Tim is a heart-centered father of two brilliant sons and husband to a magnificent wife, and lives in pristine Sandpoint, Idaho.


"A healthy connection to nature is essential for us as human beings." 

"We can't be in the container and be the container at the same time."

Topics Discussed:

  • Being in the woods as a child
  • Finding one's purpose in life
  • Embracing sensitivity
  • The "sacred wound" becoming the "sacred gift"
  • The importance of being connected to the earth
  • Experiencing inner peace
  • Assessing life & leaving a legacy
  • Discovering our gifts and serving others
  • Vision Quest & its purpose
  • Transitioning from childhood to adulthood
  • Utilizing mentors
  • Transformations & integrations
  • Facing jealousy, abuse & bullying 
  • The journey of fatherhood
  • The idea of "getting back to nature"
  • Living in an urban environment
  • Community being artificially manufactured
  • Learning to deal with conflict 

Resources Mentioned:

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