Ep 33: Jason Holliday on Midwest vs. West Coast Hunting

Ep 33: Jason Holliday on Midwest vs. West Coast Hunting
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Jason Holliday is the host of the Harvest Holliday podcast, an amateur ATV racer, competing in 2 hour cross country endurance races at both local and national level.  He is a lifelong  bowhunter for over 30 years, a newbie western archery elk hunter since 2019, and has hunted elk in Colorado that past 3 years. In his day job he is a financial representative dedicated to helping others put a written financial plan together so that they can achieve their long term goals for retirement. 


"The mountains escalate that feeling of wanting to belong."

Topics Discussed:

  • Growing up hunting in Ohio
  • Going to Colorado for the first time
  • Embracing the sound of silence
  • Public land hunting
  • Whitetails, Mule Deer & Elk
  • Glamorization vs. reality
  • Alone in the mountains
  • Hauling meat out of the Whitetail woods
  • Deer Camp
  • Being in the woods at 12 years old
  • Threats to wilderness & conservation
  • Failing & learning
  • The importance of a rangefinder
  • Favorite brands
  • Essential outdoor gear

Resources Mentioned:

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