Ep 34: Derek Wilson on Liberation, Lifestyle, and Legacy

Ep 34: Derek Wilson on Liberation, Lifestyle, and Legacy
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Derek Wilson is a 5th generation rancher living in Idaho. He’s a former software executive who left everything to rescue his family farm which radically changed his life for the better. He’s the host of the Primal King podcast and a business coach who teaches that anything is possible through the 3 pillars of Liberation, Lifestyle, and Legacy. 


"So much more is lost in being scared than taking courageous action" 

"We live a life by default" 

Topics Discussed:

  • Life growing up
  • Losing a parent
  • Moving to a ranch
  • Making tough decisions & creating your path
  • From granite showers to not having a kitchen
  • Having moments of clarity
  • Growing up differently
  • Designing the lifestyle you want to have
  • Isolation & community 
  • Raising kids in the mountains
  • Working harder before you can work smarter
  • The process of getting "good" at things
  • Getting better through struggle
  • Managing expectations
  • How to reconnect to nature
  • Conservation & urban expansion
  • Growth - the pros & cons
  • Lessons learned from ranching
  • Self-sufficiency 
  • Business becoming personal
  • Grass vs grain-fed beef
  • Trust, marriage & taking risks

Resources Mentioned:

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