Firelight Bellows

Firelight Bellows

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The Essential Fire Starting Tool For Extreme Conditions.

A telescoping and collapsible tool for weatherproof fire starting, The Firelite Bellows was built for extreme conditions and designed to fuel your adventures with fire, no matter how wet or cold the weather.

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The Bellows Will Jumpstart Any Fire

Fire needs three ingredients: fuel, heat, and oxygen.

It’s easy to forget how important oxygen is. Even with the best tinder and the hottest spark, you still need good airflow or the flame will get choked out.

Creating a healthy, warm fire requires lots of oxygen to breathe.

This is especially important in wet or cold conditions where the fuel is damp and difficult to light.

That’s why many people will crouch down and blow into the fire to help it come to life, but the airflow isn’t concentrated, and smoke burns the eyes.

That’s where a bellows come in…

The bellows has one job: deliver a concentrated stream of oxygen to the heart of the fire. Oxygen feeds the embers and jumpstarts any fire.

One single steady breath through the extendable bellows and it will stoke the embers to life, even with wet or snowy wood.
If you’re in a survival situation, having a bellows can be the difference between life and death.

Telescoping, Lightweight Design

The Firelite Bellows is collapsable & lightweight, with a durable stainless steel design that can fit into any survival kit or bug-out bag.

It only weighs 0.85 oz and folds down to 4 inches in length.

It includes a lanyard ring to carry and keep organized.

It’s a versatile fire starting solution for survivalists, casual campers, and even backyard fire-pit owners.

Your Firelite Bellows Is Ready

When you need fire, seconds matter. We built the Firelite Bellows to fit into any survival kit so it’s there when you need it, in any weather conditions.

Includes stainless steel bellows, compact case, and 550 paracord lanyard.

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Weight 0.875 oz


  • Weight: 0.875 oz
  • Length (Extended): 21 in.
  • Length (Collapsed): 5 in.
  • Width: 0.4 in.
  • Material: Stainless Steel