Granite Grill

Granite Grill

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The Best Ultralight and Compact Backpacking Grill For Campfire Cooking.

A must-have campfire cooking tool in the wilderness, the titanium made Granite Grill was built to be compact and ultralight, so you have a durable cooking surface for amazing meals over a fire in the wilderness.

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The Compact Campfire Grill We Always Wanted

Spending time in the wilderness comes with a campfire. Whether you’re enjoying freshly caught fish or a delicious meal you packed in, nothing tastes better than cooking over an open fire.

Because of this, we wanted a better solution when cooking over an open flame.

So we designed and built the most compact, ultralight, and versatile campfire grill around, weighing just under 12 oz and 0.2 inches thick.

The titanium Granite Grill has a unique patent-pending flat design that includes two separate cooking sections. The center section has cross tubing 1/2 inch apart for smaller items such as vegetables and smaller cuts of meat, while the outer sections of tubing have a larger spacing of 1 inch for larger items such as brats or fish fillets.

It measures 18 inches long, with enough room to cook six 1/4 lb burger patties at once.

Instead of trying to balance your food on rocks or hanging them from sticks, just place The Granite Grill across two rocks or logs, and you have a stable platform for cooking over an open fire.

The grill can also be used with a cooking pot.

Titanium At Its Best

We chose titanium because it’s super lightweight. It’s also one of the healthiest metals to use for cooking.

It provides superior heat transfer, which means it gets hot fast and cools down faster. It’s also easier to control the heat, so you don’t accidentally burn your food if the fire gets too hot.

The titanium rods are professionally welded to add even more strength and durability.

The combined glass breaker and nutcracker pommel with lanyard hole are there when you need them, and the cutout ferro rod striker notch on the blade spine is there for easy fire starting ability.

The grill’s compact design is meant to lay flat and slide into your backpack or cook kit and comes with a protective canvas sheath.

Your Granite Grill Is Ready

Whether you’re camping, hunting, or in a survival situation, The Granite Grill is the essential campfire cooking tool that’s so compact and lightweight, you’ll be a hero when dinner rolls around.

We hope you’ll trust it with your wildest adventures!

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Additional information

Weight 12.125 oz
  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 12.125 oz..
  • Length: 18 in.
  • Width: 7 in.
  • Bag Material: Canvas