Trailside Utensil

Trailside Utensil

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The Ultralight & Compact 3-in-1 Trailside Utensil to Stay Well Fed In The Wild.

A must-have tool for convenience in the wilderness, the 3-in-1 titanium Trailside Utensil was built to be compact and ultralight, so you have a durable fork, spoon, and bottle opener all in one.

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3 Compact Tools In 1

You need to eat in the backcountry. Utensils make it simple and clean, but we wanted a better option for this essential tool.

Packing a fork, a spoon, and a bottle opener… or even upgrading to a spork adds weight and takes up extra space.

So we designed and built the best of both worlds to replace them all!

This ultralight 3-in-1 utensil folds up into a compact 5.35 inches and weighs only 0.85 ounces.

The Trailside Utensil includes a full-size fork on one end and a spoon on the other end, with a bottle opener for when you need it.

It’s designed to fold up and fit inside your cook set, yet it’s long enough to fit down into the bottom of freeze-dried meals when it’s fully extended.

Titanium at It’s Best

We chose titanium because it’s strong and lightweight. It’s also the healthiest metal to use in a utensil application like this one.

The unique locking mechanism also locks into place to add even more strength and durability.

Your 3-in-1 Trailside Utensil Is Ready

Whether you’re camping, hunting, or in a survival situation, The 3-in-1 Trailside Utensil is the essential tool that’s so compact and lightweight that you’ll almost forget you brought it with you.

We hope you’ll trust it with your wildest adventures!

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Additional information

Weight 1.02 oz
  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 1.02 oz
  • Length (extended): 8.75 in.
  • Length (folded): 5.35 in.
  • Handle Width: 0.4 in.
  • Spoon Width: 1.45 in.
  • Spoon Length: 2.2 in.
  • Fork Width: 0.98 in.
  • Tine Length: 1.25 in.
  • Bag Material: Canvas